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FGS is used in Fortune 50 conglomerates as well as family-owned businesses

AAR Corp.   •    ABB   •    Acterna   •    Allied Signal Aerospace   •    ArcelorMittal   •    Argo Turboserve   •    Atlas Pacific   •    Atochem   •    Atotech   •    Augat   •    Baker Petrolite   •    Carl's Jr. Restaurants   •    Caterpillar   •    Congoleum   •    Crompton & Knowles   •    Cumberland Engineering   •    Datex Ohmeda   •    Dayton Parts   •    Dowty Aerospace   •    Dresser Rand   •    Ecolab   •    Evonik Degussa   •    Formax   •    General Electric   •    Gillette   •    Goodyear Chemical   •    Great Western Chemical   •    Grimes Aerospace   •    Grundfos Pumps   •    Halm Industries   •    Hastings Manufacturing   •    Heublein   •    Hewlett Packard   •    Hi Tech Aero Spares   •    HR Textron   •    InterDesign   •    Jergens   •    Kaiser Aluminum   •    Land O' Frost  •    Lockheed Martin   •   Lucent Technologies   •    Marson   •    Metso Minerals   •    Millipore   •    NEC   •    Newbridge Networks   •    Orbit Irrigation   •    Pace Foods   •    Polychrome   •    Poulan/Weed Eater   •    PW Eagle   •    Quantegy   •    Rheem   •    Russell Corporation   •    Salt River Project   •    Sara Lee   •    Sensient Colors   •    Siemens   •    Simonds Cutting Tools   •    Solvay Solexis   •    Sun Chemical   •    Tambrands   •    Tree Top   •    Tyco International   •    Universal Frozen Foods   •    Wells Manufacturing

Where other systems have failed, FGS provides solutions

If you're serious about solving the toughest problems in finished goods inventory planning and demand forecasting FGS is for you.    Here's what some of our customers say:

"For our needs, the tool we use is FGS.  We've been very satisfied with it." John R. DiPaola, former Manager, Inventory Management, international supplier of jet engine service parts.
"With FGS we were able to manage our demand more accurately and see where the fluctuations are in a given time.  The improvements have been drastic for us in terms of cutting our safety stock.  And we have confidence now that we will never short our customers on key items."   Hamlet Manouchehri, Traffic Manager, Purchasing at CKE Restaurants in Anaheim, California.

"We did a search on all the different sales forecasting systems and FGS was the most flexible, and had the ability to do the most things - as opposed to some of the others, which are rigid."  Kevin Smith, former Financial Planning Analyst at Pace Foods in San Antonio, Texas.

"Forecasting is difficult where demand for products is fairly lumpy or intermittent.  FGS happens to be the best tool available to do that."  Michael G. Brown, former in-house business development consultant, international industrial service parts vendor.

"E/Step Software is committed to service.  They're there.  They're available. And they take care of you.   There hasn't been anything we haven't been able to solve."    Vice President of Operations at automtive service parts distributor, Dallas, Texas.

"As a general rule, we save about $10,000 in inventory for each hour spent using the simulation software to review exceptions."   Manager of Planning and Analysis for a specialty chemical process manufacturer.

"In use, FGS has proven to be effective in fulfilling its design goals - that of helping managers reduce inventory and improve customer support through simulation and forecasting."   Jeff Beck, former Team Leader in Forecasting and Inventory Planning for an international aerospace manufacturer.

"The result is an extremely flexible package that gives the user a better tool for managing forecasts and inventor— two problem areas for most managers." Steven Melnyk, Software Editor, APICS - The Performance Advantage

Yakima firm's software helps manufacturers reduce inventory, increase customer service, Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business (Kennewick, Washington), April 2011. 

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